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Porta-neb® - Nebulizer Compressor System

The mains operated Porta-neb is a high-quality, easy-to-use compressor offering reliable therapy at home or in the hospital. It is capable of nebulizing all drugs prescribed for common respiratory diseases with both the Sidestream and Ventstream nebulizers.

● Continuously rated – for unlimited use in the hospital or home without fear of overheating.
● Contoured case and handle – easy to clean and carry.
● Large internal storage compartment – all accessories and medication can be stored safely in a watertight tray.
● Nebulizer (drug container) parking post – reduces drug spillage.
● Mains cable situated on outside of Porta-neb – easy to reach and keeps the mains away from liquids

Sidestream can be used to nebulize all commonly  prescribed bronchodilators for respiratory conditions.

Fast, accurate drug delivery every time
● 80% of Sidestream’s output is small enough (less than 5 microns) to reach the lungs.
● Available in durable and disposable versions with identical performance.
● Durable Sidestream can be sterilised and will give consistent performance for a year

Ventstream has been designed for the delivery of inhaled  steroids or antibiotics, in addition to a bronchodilator

● Ventstream responds to patient’s breathing pattern so that they get more drug on inspiration and waste less on expiration.
● 80% of Ventstream’s output is less than 5 microns.
●The Porta-neb Ventstream combination will cost less than alternative systems which use a high-flow compressor.



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